So you just had an amazing workout! Now how do you help prevent those wobble legs and stiff shoulders?

You should recover as hard as you workout.

Proper post workout recovery can do so much for you. From boosting flexibility to reducing stiffness, it is the key to any workout, and there are 2 parts to really good recovery!

The first step in recovery is Foam Rolling.


What is foam rolling? Foam rolling is technique used by trainers and physical therapists to help break up fibrous tissues and boost circulation to help prevent or reduced soreness.

All you need for this is a foam roller and some floor space. If you workout at a gym, they should have one. If they don’t, or if you workout at home you can purchase one from any local sporting goods store.

You start by laying a part of your body on top of the foam roller. Then you slowly move the roller up the muscle until you find a sore spot. You will hold the roller on that spot for about 10 seconds. Then continue to move the roller up and down the muscle until you find another sore spot, and repeat. Do it about 3-5 times for each muscle/muscle group.

For example, if you have worked your quads you would lay face down on the foam roller with the roller at the base of the thigh. Then you would start rolling up the thigh until you found a sore spot. You want to have both thighs on the roller, feet off the ground, and use your arms to move along the roller.

Doing this 3 times a week will reduce stiffness and as an added bonus, tone your muscles!

The second part of recovery is stretching.

It may not be sexy, and your probably thinking “I don’t need to stretch” but you do!
Its really under rated, but completely necessary for flexibility and muscle growth.
Stretching the quads, hamstrings, calves, shoulders, and arms after every workout will keep you limber!

Allow 20 minutes after every workout for a proper cool down and stretching.

By allowing for this cool down time and doing this essential post workout recovery you can boost and maintain flexibility, reduce muscle soreness, and even help tone your muscles!

~ Alex