Being active is hard and it takes work. However, there are some ways to fit daily fitness into your life. Here are simple yet effective exercises you can easily perform in your daily routine! Once you make these 8 daily fitness exercises a habit, you will feel better, happier, and stronger.


Number 1.

Always take the stairs. Every building has stairs due to fire codes. Take advantage of that and fuel that fire in your legs by using the stairs whenever you can. This will help to up your endurance, strengthen your legs, and increase your balance/ coordination among many other positives. If you are in a position where you must take the elevator and you are wearing the proper attire, perform wall sits on your elevator ride! To perform a wall sit, lean your back against the wall and set your feet away from your body. Bend your knees until they are 90 degrees with the floor and your feet . Hold this position with your arms by your side for the ride up or down!

Number 2.

When standing still, perform calf raises! If possible hold two items on either side of you. Keeping your back straight and shoulders down, lift your heels off the floor so you are standing on your tip-toes. Hold this position for a 3-5 second count and come back down. Repeat until you can move again! Calf raises strengthen your calves and surrounding muscles , increase balance / coordination, and keep you from being incredibly bored while standing still!

Number 3.

Activate your core! When walking, keep your core engaged. This does wonders- way more than you could ever expect. Whether you’re walking to the bathroom, fax machine, or taking an afternoon stroll you can practice this daily fitness tip. To activate your core, draw in your abdomen toward your spine. I would also suggest moving your arms as you walk to strengthen this exercise . Make this a habit and your core and flutes will thank you!

Number 4.

Put your groceries to good use! Getting from the store to your car or your car to your house, you can use your grocery bags as free weights. You can perform front raises, side raises, overhead press, deadlift… the list goes on! My mom swears that carrying in the groceries each day is what keeps her arms strong and toned – so let’s amp that up a bit by performing legitimate exercises with as a part of your daily fitness routine. Make sure to keep your motions controlled and of course, don’t exercise with the bag that has the eggs in them!

Number 5.

Leg raises will keep you sane when sitting at your desk all day. Make sure to engage your core during this exercise. To perform leg raises, sit with feet flat on the floor. Slowly lift legs straight out in front of you and slowly back to the floor. Check out my previous article featuring “deskersizes” for more daily fitness tips like this.

Number 6.

Whenever you can (which is always)… stretch! You can stretch while standing, sitting, laying… there’s no excuse. The benefits on stretching are endless. Reduce muscle tension, increase range of motion, promote flexibility, increase blood circulation, relieves stress, and increase energy. Athletes cannot perform efficiently if they do not stretch before and after exercise. There is no harm in stretching throughout the day as a part of your daily fitness! Make sure you are pushing yourself but know your limits. If you’re not a gymnast , don’t try to be during your first stretch! Stretching takes time and patience but I promise, you will not regret a stretching session.

Number 7.

Be mindful of your posture. We like to hunch. It’s not good to hunch. Good posture will decrease muscle aches and promote proper joint alignment. You can practice this by making sure you are always rolling your shoulders back and keeping your spine and neck straight. Stretching can help to improve your posture as well.

Number 8.

When in doubt, walk it out! Whenever you can, walk. Walking is so simple and yet so beneficial. Walking helps you burn calories, tone your muscles, improve your mood, and help to reduce your risk of chronic diseases (along with proper diet and additional exercises).

~ Mersina