Hi, I’m Alex and I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself!

Alexandria Starkey - Online Fitness Coach


I found my passion for health and fitness in High school as a powerlifter, and I realized very early on that helping other people get fit and get healthy was what I wanted to do with my life.

I went to college the first time around for health education and began doing my research on getting certified to be a personal trainer. When I finished with my associates I focused on getting employed with a gym and working as a trainer, and there were some bumps along the road but I got there.

I have been both managing a gym and coaching clients for about a year and half now and I still enjoy the work. And my new passion is helping people get to a healthier spot in life with more than just personal training or working out. I have gone back to school for my nutrition degree because I want to be able to better help my clients when it comes to what they eat and what is going to work best for them, and I am dedicated to helping them get healthier in body, mind and soul.

I have worked with clients that never worked out and couldn’t stand to eat vegetables, I’ve worked with powerlifters, moms who have an empty nest now and are wanting to focus on themselves for a change, older clients with mobility issues, I have rehabbed a shoulder, just really done it all. My favorite people to work with tend to be kids just out of college and trying to get back to where they were before, moms who are wanting to get their bodies back after kids and life, and seniors who have either partially or completely retired and just want to be able to keep up with their grandkids.

You can contact me by commenting below or filling out the form on my bio page.

Whatever your fitness level or experience, I look forward to working with you!