Becoming a Fit Person

The perspective you have around fitness dictates the results you will get. It’s the difference between success and failure.

The following is adapted from an email I had with a client. It talks about being a lawyer, but substitute “lawyer” for whatever your profession is.

Think of this process and our working together like being a lawyer. Imagine at one point you decide to be a lawyer. You go out one day, walk into a Lawyers office and start doing what the other lawyers are doing.

If you just do what they do you’ll be a lawyer right?!?

No Chad, it’s not that simple.

A Lawyer is someone who has the knowledge, skills, experience and consistent habits of doing lawyer things.

From the time you decided to become a lawyer, it took years of training, learning, trial and error, etc. before you even considered yourself a lawyer.

Hopefully this gets a “no shit” kinda response.

Now, it is the same with fitness. Everyone wants to become fit. So one day they walk into a gym and start doing what the fit people are doing. If you just do the same things you’ll be fit right?!?

Just like you trained to be a lawyer, you need to train to be a Fit Person. You need to put into practice the skills and habits of what it takes to be a fit person.

A fit person, by my definition, is someone who has the knowledge, skills, experience and consistent habits of doing fit person things.

In school you read notes and did case studies (I assume) to become a Lawyer. You planned ahead: had a schedule of classes, practiced basic things at first and then built on that over YEARS of time. You failed, struggled, had set backs and things didn’t exactly come easy. You couldn’t just “be a lawyer” overnight.

The same is true with being a fit person. You need a schedule of classes (workouts), you need to practice basic things, build habits and progress overs YEARS of time. You will fail, struggle and have setbacks. You can’t just be a fit person overnight.

The perspective of “becoming a fit person” to me is a lot different than just “getting fit” or “loosing 30 pounds”. No one just “wins a case”. They have to become a lawyer first.

You can’t just start working out and expect success. You have to become a fit person first.

In my experience, many people just start doing fit things without realizing or putting into practice what a fit person does. Unfortunately that part takes time and effort and isn’t as pretty.

This is the difference between following a program and having a coach. Having a program is just doing the things that fit people do. However, having a coach is more like going to school and learning how to be a fit person.

If you’ve tried following a program before and failed, this is why. You didn’t become a fit person first.

A fit person has the knowledge, skills, experience, habits and consistency of doing fit things. The difference may be subtle, but trust me, this perspective shift changes everything!

Are you a fit person, or do you just do fit person things?

~ Chad

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  1. Chad:

    This is a very, very good post!!! Definitely puts the process in lamens terms, clearing the way for a true understanding of the patience and commitment to self, ones needs to become a “fit” person. Reality – what an interesting concept!!

    For those of us that struggle with perspective and most importantly PATIENCE in this area, you have laid out the perfect template for a lifetime of fitness success. Those that move forward with the investment in “self” will experience the many benefits, opportunity and potential that most assuredly be the ultimate result.

    Thanks you for your everyday commitment to our fitness futures, it is much appreciated and so impactful from someone who actually walks the walk, EVERY DAY, with all of us.


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