“I’ll go tomorrow” – said every day. Here’s why:

Have you ever said “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow”, but the next day you didn’t go?

You may have even packed your gym bag the night before to ensure your success.

But still, you didn’t make it.

Here’s why: 

I call it the barrier to entry.

It’s a term I’ve used a lot with clients and it’s what you need to do BEFORE doing the task you want to do.

Your goal is “go to the gym”, the barrier is anything that precedes that.

In this example, it could be things like:

  • waking up early
  • packing your gym clothes
  • setting time in your day
  • knowing what you’ll do when you get there.

If you’re not succeeding at your task, it is because your barrier to entry is too high.

Actually going to the gym can be quite complex and may be too big of a step for someone just getting started.

You need to remove or lower the barrier to entry in order to succeed.

Here are some options for our example:

  • just workout at home
  • do it later in the day
  • do it earlier in the morning
  • put time for it in your calendar
  • go for a run because you hate the gym

If you didn’t achieve the goal task, figure out what the barrier was in between you and that task.

Then figure out how to remove it.

It’s the only way to be successful.

~ Chad

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