A Simple Process for Reaching Your Goals

You have a goal but you’re struggling to reach it.

Some days are more successful than others, but there are ups and downs.

Here is a simple process for reaching your goals:

We need to look at your daily behaviour on a micro level. In each choice, where does it take you?

A successful entrepreneur named Gary Vaynerchuk often talks about making sure that your behaviour maps to your goals.

In each day, in any moment, is this action leading to your goal?

It’s a simple concept and that’s what I love about it.

It’s literally a yes or no question:


Is what you are doing right now mapping to your goal?


Ask yourself:

  • Is this food choice leading to my goal?
  • Is this activity leading to my goal?
  • Is this person helping lead me to my goal?
  • Does this job lead me to my goal?
  • Does this time on my alarm lead me to my goal?

Okay, now for the tricky part.

This simple process needs 2 key elements:

1 – Is your goal clear?
2 – Are you being honest with yourself?

Without a clear goal, it is harder to tell if the action leads to your goal or not.

If you’re not honest, it can be easy to convince ourselves we need more rest, deserve a break or have earned this treat…

We make the immediate reward more important than the goal. You need to dig deep and get honest.

Is that behaviour really mapping to your goal?

Try this out today.

Whether it’s choosing what to eat at lunch or when you’ll crash on the couch in the evening; ask yourself the question and see where it takes you.

Then, let me know!

~ Chad

One Reply to “A Simple Process for Reaching Your Goals”

  1. Chad: I love the concept of making it easy, including basic easy to ask and easy to answer questions. As you know from experience, the two key elements you note are where people will fall down first.

    Perhaps on your next blog you could share the process of clarifying ones goal and the questions one might ask to continually narrow the goal down until it is very clear.

    Like ones purpose in life, once you are able to clearly define your purpose, life choices based on this purpose are much more simplified as you can ask yourself similar questions, before determining whether or not a choice is leading to your purpose of mapping to your purpose.

    Great blog post! Thanks for simplifying the process!


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