Just go back to eating pizza and ice cream

“I don’t want to look like a man”

This is probably the most common response I get from women when I tell them they need to train their arms more or use more weights.

There are 3 major problems I have with this:

#1 – the societal image women have of themselves that generates such a huge fear about having muscles.

#2 – the lack of understanding of what it actually takes to look like a body builder (a man).

#3 – You’re basically saying that you’re worried your results will be TOO GOOD.

I’m only going to address #2 and #3 because that’s my area of expertise.

There is a huge misconception about women, their arms, looking like a man and what it actually takes to get to that point. There are huge advantages to training arms and lifting heavy that in my opinion far outweigh the tiny probability of “getting too big”.

Think about this for a minute:

When you walk down the street, through the mall, along the beach, etc. How many women have you seen that look like body builders?

Probably very few.

The women who do build themselves to that point often have trained in a very specific way for many years. In most cases it is deliberate training because they want to look like that.

The chances of looking like a man is pretty damn rare. If you have a smart trainer they can provide a program that matches your goals in getting you stronger but not necessarily bigger. Besides that most women actually have difficulty putting on a lot of muscles mass because of your anatomy and physiology.

So, for the most part, you need a lot, and I mean A LOT of deliberate training if you want to look like a man.

The real problem is so many women use that as an excuse to not train their arms or lift heavy weights that it prevents them from all of the benefits they would reap by doing so.

Do you know how hard it is to get normal results let alone great ones?!?

The WORST CASE SCENARIO of upper body work and lifting heavy is that you get too big. You actually get fitter or stronger than you wanted. Oh no!

The BEST PART is that if you happen to get results are too good, you can always stop.

Literally, just STOP TRAINING and your body will go back to what you have now.

Just go back to eating pizza and ice cream.

So please, I beg you, for the sake of all the benefits you will get

Stop sabotaging your training before you start because you fear an outcome you’re unlikely to get.

Train your arms, lift weights and reap the rewards.

My challenge to you: Prove me wrong.

I literally challenge you to go out, train heavy, get too big and then write me to tell me about it. I will then be your personal coach for free to get you back to the results you really wanted.

~ Chad

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