Screw the new years resolution – why starting in December is a better decision

Getting in shape is one of the most common new years resolutions.

It’s very well known in the Fitness industry that January is the busiest month of the year. The gym owners know it, the marketers know it, the newly hired staff know it and even the “regulars” know it.

Even YOU know it.

Answer this honestly:

How many times have you started a new fitness goal in January?

If it’s more than once, this article is for you. Read on.

New Years Resolution 1
New Years Resolution 2

We’re all well aware of New Year Resolutions. We’ve made them, we’ve started them with gusto and we’ve stopped them within 1-3 months, on average. Rarely does the resolution actually stick and become a habit.

The most popular resolutions relate to improving fitness, loosing weight and improving nutrition habits.

So why do we all set them but fail to keep them?

My belief is that it’s because in January it’s too convenient.

Setting a goal and resolution in January is easy. It’s the start of a new year, it’s a time for beginnings, and you just ate your own weight in deserts over the holidays so it’s time to get your ass moving! You’re motivated and ready for change.

But then what?

For most people, 2-8 weeks later the excitement fades. The results aren’t coming as quick as you wanted them to be and the minimal results you are getting take a lot of effort.

Put simply: it got hard.

Any goal worth achieving is going to be hard to reach. The road will be difficult but that makes the reward that much sweeter. Attaining any goal is going to come with struggle. Lots of it.

New Years Resolution 3

With all of this in mind, which month of the year do you think is the HARDEST to stick to your health and fitness goals?

YUP, December.

There’s time off from work, delicious treats everywhere and parties every weekend. AKA: there are excuses a plenty!

This is why I recommend starting in December.

I’ve seen it dozens of times with clients. People who start in January are gone by April.

People who start in December are still setting new goals with me the next December.

The road to your success is going to be hard so stop pretending it won’t be. Buckle up, set some goals and start in December. It’s gonna be tough. You’re gonna eat too much desert. Likely more than once, but that’s life. That’s part of the journey.

Going through struggle AND sticking to the gym routine will empower you like never before. You’ll be more prepared for the challenges of February and March and more likely to stick to your goals long term.


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