Walking Challenge – vBlog #7

Think you can handle a walking challenge? It may seem silly, but truth is people are walking less and less these days. We now spend a majority of our time sitting, so we’re not getting all the benefits of a basic human function: walking.

In this video blog post, I offer up a walking challenge of at least 5 miles per week. The average human walks around 3 miles per hour. If you walked for 15 minutes per day, you would easily reach 5 miles per week. However, it wouldn’t be a walking challenge if I didn’t push you a little further. In this walking challenge I propose 35 miles per week. That’s 5 miles per day! This would require about 1.5hours of walking per day. Now, if you have a handy little tool like a FitBit, it can track your total activity throughout the day.

As always, I encourage you to track your progress. Online tools can be great. I personally use Evernote because it can track way more than just my fitness. If you too use Evernote, I welcome you to share your tracking notebook with me so I can see what you’re up to. Otherwise, please post questions or comments below and good luck on the challenge!

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