Virtual Workout – Evernote Fitness Challenge

Have you ever tried a Virtual Workout?

I know I haven’t, and now I’m going to lead one! It’s part of the Evernote Fitness Challenge that we are currently running through January.

Basically, a virtual workout is a workout that I will be leading online with a webcam. You can join the Google Event and then follow along in your living room.

Evernote Fitness Challenge Virtual WorkoutEvernote Fitness Challenge Virtual Workout


As the image above states, the virtual workout will be on Thursday January 24th at 3:00 PM Pacific Time.

Join me at that time for the workout and Q & A session as part of the Evernote Fitness Challenge. It’s the perfect time to get focused for the final push to the end of the challenge, get your challenge back on track, or learn how to get active for the first time.

I will walk you through an special workout designed to get you energized and help you stick with your resolutions. I’ll be providing guidance for the movements and how to scale it if needed. I’ll also be answering all of your fitness questions after the workout.

Are you going to come join me in the workout and in the Evernote Fitness Challenge? What would you like to see in the workout?

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