Filtering the Web

In my recent post “Searching for What“, I mentioned 2 main problems with the amount of info you can find on the internet. Today I’m going to take another crack at it and talk about #1 and the value of coaching.

There is no doubt that you can find almost anything on the web these days. Including thousands of daily workouts, recipes and diets. There are hundreds and thousands of people out there that can dig into that information and create a successful routine for themselves. They soak up every bit of information they can and apply it to their lives. You probably even know someone who has done that. The reality however, is that this is a small percentage of the population.

The majority of people don’t have that time or dedication. They do a quick skim of the information and try to implement parts of it here and there. They hear something in the news or from a friend and go for it. This often results in more confusion or even worse, an injury or set back.

So how do you know what’s right, safe, and/or best for you to do? How do you filter the web for the best tools to help you on your fitness journey? Ideally, you hire yourself a coach. You hire someone who can guide you with expert advice and experience to give you the right tools for the job. Just like most people will go to a mechanic for car troubles or a doctor when sick, a coach can be a valuable tool for getting the health and fitness you desire. A coach can help you filter the endless amount of information and get you on the right track for positive change.

My goal is to help people gather new information and help them think more about what’s right for their body. We are all very different, so one workout or one diet won’t help us all. You can like my Facebook page for regular articles that I find valuable.

What has been your experience in searching the web for answers? What websites have you used as a helpful resource?