A Dependancy Relationship

Over the years of working with clients in a variety of formats, I’m starting to look at personal training in a new light. To me, personal training is a dependancy relationship between the client and trainer. Most people hire a trainer because they can’t work out on their own otherwise. They depend on the trainer to be able to workout and to get their results. In other words, they can’t do it on their own.

Now for some, this is great. If you have the time and money to put towards a trainer long-term, you can experience some amazing benefits and gains in your fitness. For some, it’s a great kick-start to their own training to get their butt in gear. They need that motivation and push initially and then can continue on their own afterwards.

Unfortunately in my experience, most people don’t get those results. They don’t have the resources to commit long-term, and due to the nature of the dependency relationship, they don’t continue on their own when the training stops. If working with the trainer stops, all training stops. If they go on a vacation, all training stops. If their personal trainer goes on vacation, all training stops. Without the relationship, there is no fitness.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of benefits to having a trainer work with you, but the challenge is in creating independence in the client so they can continue a healthy lifestyle even when the trainer isn’t around.

Have you had this experience? Have you had success and been one of the few that continues with good habits? Either way, why did your training stop or continue?


  1. [...] I was having a great meeting with a company the other day and a question came up about how I help certain individuals. They recognized that there was a limitation to online coaching and that it doesn’t provide enough motivation that some people need. Some people need a trainer with them while they work out to really push them to work hard. This is very true, but it leads to what I call a dependancy relationship. [...]