Why Fit Tv

A friend of mine, Justin Hamade from My Four Hour Body Diary called me a few weeks ago wanting to start doing a video podcast kinda thing to better reach out to his followers and people wanting to change their bodies. Of course I loved the idea so we started brainstorming. I too have been looking for a way to better communicate with followers and send out a more interesting message that answers people’s questions about health and fitness.

Justin and I are both passionate about helping people create a lifestyle change that will change your body and keep it that way. We try and look past the quick-fix, shortcut types of fitness and diet programs out there and really help people make life long changes. We realized that most websites and videos spend a lot of time trying to tell people what to do. As I mentioned in my recent post, Exercise Is Best, I believe that most people already know the basics of being healthy. Eat well and regular exercise. Duh! The problem to me is that if we already know this, why don’t we do it?!?

Why Fit Tv is going to try and help people connect with their “Why” and the reasons they’d want to change their body for the rest of their lives. We’ll start with our backgrounds, personal stories and suggestions as to what helps us. As we grow, we hope to incorporate viewer questions, success stories, and really help to dispel a lot of health myths that many people try and follow.

Our first video was filmed this week and will hopefully be online soon. If you have questions or suggestions of what you’d like to hear/see in future videos, we’d love some input. I really hope you enjoy the videos and with your help this could become something awesome that will help a lot of people!

This is NOT what we mean by Fit Tv!




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