August 30 Day Challenge

The Challenge I propose for August is a Water Challenge. Normally where I live, August is a pretty hot and dry month. I say normally because July hasn’t exactly been a typical July this year so we’ll see what August has to bring. Now before I go too far off into a tangent about weather and not being able to get my Vitamin D… let’s talk details.

For the month of August I challenge you to consume nothing but water as your choice of beverage for 30 consecutive days. Hydration is important when it’s hot so I figure it’s a good challenge to have this time of year.

“But what about all the summer BBQ’s and cold beer and pretty drinks with little umbrellas!?!?!” you may be asking? Well, it’s a challenge folks, it’s not supposed to be easy.

“What about coffee or tea!?!” Is usually the next question, but the answer is the same: It’s a challenge!

Now the reality is that I’m not with you and you’re probably a grown up, so you can technically do anything you want. If you want to have coffee as the one and only ‘exception’ go for it. I still encourage you to go for 30 straight days and check in with me each day. Having someone to check-in with makes it so much more powerful to help keep you accountable.

Water is vital to our survival and there’s nothing like it after a hard day of activity.